Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Knitting Pretty

When I was in high school me and my friend Donna had this ingenious idea to make our own handbags from the back pockets of denim jeans.  We started out thinking we'd make something to make everyone in school gasp in awe at how cool and creative we were .. the only problem was neither of us could sew.  We both laugh now about those denim monstrosities caked in glitter glue with sea shells and our initials stitched onto them - I'm so glad they never saw the light of day! Sadly, I still cannot sew (and Donna may well kill me for telling the world about our failed handbag empire) but Donna can and she's just launched her own online business called 'Gracie Harry Baby' selling baby and childrens wear.  The business is still in it's early stages but please support her because she has an amazing talent and I'm sure you'll agree her creations are fantastic.  She is planning to sell customised clothing for babies and children, as well as bibs, blankets, baby gift sets, sock monkeys and cushion covers in the near future so keep a look out for those.  Please take a look at her Etsy shop and pop by to say "hi" on Facebook! She also has a really great blog too.   In the meantime check out some of her past work for a little taster of what she can do... 


  1. We ARE cool and creative - we just have the skills to back it up now! :)

    We should really try making those bags again. They'd probably sell really well with the tween set.... (Just kidding.... I hope!)

  2. You see! I knew you'd come round to the idea! :-)