Thursday, 19 November 2015

Free Christmas pudding tutorial!

If you would like to know how to make Christmas puddings like mine, there is a free project in this months email newsletter from Dolls' House And Miniature Scene.  Follow this link to register your email address and it's all yours!

(A bit late) Halloween

I'm a bit behind in updating my blog, as you can tell because Halloween has been and gone! Anyway, I made a number of Halloween themed food items because Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year! I love it as we buy loads of sweets, decorate the house, carve the pumpkins and get dressed up to go trick or treating.  "Trick or Treat" inspired my miniatures this year as I made lots of Halloween themed treats, sweets and candy. There were lollipops, candy canes, boiled sweets with Jack O'Lantern, ghost, skull, bat and "Boo!" designs as well as liquorice allsorts and dolly mixtures.
I made a Frankenstein's monster style trick or treat candy bowl.  This was really fun to make as it looked like it was made from green zombie skin all sewn up and stitched together!

I also made three different trick or treat candy buckets/mini cauldrons which each had a Jack O'Lantern, Frankenstein's Monster and spooky ghost design.  Like the candy bowl these too were filled with Halloween sweets and candy.




I made a tray of homemade style candy apples.  This item consisted of a metal tray with six Golden Delicious apples dipped in milk chocolate and covered in rainbow coloured sprinkles.  There is a wooden stick through the centre of each apple ready for the trick or treaters to hold.


I made two sets of Halloween themed doughnuts.  The first set of doughnuts were coloured purple, orange and white; the second set were coloured green, orange and black.



I made a red velvet layer cake which was decorated in white fondant icing with a knife sticking out through the centre of the cake, with lots of fake blood trickling down the sides as if the cake has been 'stabbed'!

I made three plates of Halloween themed gingerbread biscuits.  Amongst the designs were gingerbread man skeletons and Frankenstein's monster, spooky ghosts, bats, spiders, tombstones and pumpkin lanterns.



Last but not least I made two spooky gingerbread houses.


Monday, 9 November 2015

My Christmas project

I'm doing something a little different for this year's Christmas project; I'm going to transform this 1:12 scale market stall into a German Lebkuchen Christmas market stall. This is what it looks like to begin with...