Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas doughnuts

These are some festive themed doughnuts I've made for Christmas this year.  They are currently on sale here and here in my Etsy shop.  They're a perfect stocking filler!



Christmas cake

I love Christmas cake! I have very fond memories as a child of helping my Nana bake Christmas cakes.  I loved the way she used to decorate them too.. with little plastic snowmen and Santa's and gold coloured 'Merry Christmas' signs, it was 1980's Christmas kitsch and I loved it.  These cakes were inspired by the ones my Nana used to make but with a modern twist.  Novelty cakes nowadays are often crafted with fondant and sugarpaste elements and this is the look I wanted to recreate with my Christmas cakes.   On each cake there is a mini snowman with a carrot nose, coal eyes and buttons, a top hat and blue scarf; two Christmas trees with multi-coloured baubles; an iced gingerbread man and festive candy cane.  These cakes are currently available to buy in my Etsy shop here.



Pecan Pie

I was very lucky to be asked by the lovely Auralea, editor of American Miniaturist, to make a Fall themed food scene for their November issue and write an article to go with it.  A pecan pie making scene immediately came to mind as I knew it was a Thanksgiving favourite and fit in with the theme perfectly.  I had no trouble with the food scene, but I was a bit nervous about writing the article.  It's been a few years since I'd written an essay but was more worried being an English girl writing about an American and much loved national dish...I didn't want to get the facts wrong and upset anyone! Hopefully I didn't and the AM readers enjoyed it.  We don't really eat so much pecan pie over here in the UK. I have tried it a few times and it was absolutely delicious! The last time I made it myself I made it with some homemade Jack Daniels flavoured ice cream and it tasted amazing!  I will definitely have to hunt that recipe down and make it again!



Turkish Delight

My third project to appear in The Dolls' House Magazine was a box of Turkish Delight.  The theme of the November issue centred around magic and fairy tales and this project was inspired by The White Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia who tempts Edmund with a box of Turkish Delight! It is a simple but very effective project, so ideal for a beginner wanting to have a go at making polymer clay food for the first time.  

Also in the magazine I was very lucky to have my Mad Hatter's Tea Party photograph on one of their 'Inspiration' pages and a 'Meet The Maker' profile about me!