Sunday, 24 May 2015

Blog feature

A friend of mine writes a blog about crafty things and I was very pleased to have a piece about me and my miniatures featured in it recently.  Here's a link to the blog:

Afternoon Tea

Who doesn't love a little indulgence sometimes? The tradition of Afternoon tea was first introduced to England in 1840 by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford.  The evening meal in her household was served at 8pm and Anna would often feel hungry by about 4pm so asked her servants to bring her some tea, sandwiches and cakes at this time to keep her hunger at bay.  Anna would later ask her friends to join her and this soon became a social occasion adopted by many others.  The Earl of Sandwich famously popularised the sandwich in 1760.  During a poker game, he did not wish to leave the gambling game for a traditional meal so asked for a meal of convenience to be made of meat between two slices of bread.  Miniature finger sandwiches are often included in traditional afternoon tea sets.

Afternoon tea is becoming popular again here in the UK with many cafes and hotels offering a delicious selection of scones and cream cakes to go with your tea.   This gave me the inspiration to make an afternoon tea themed set.   This set consists of a tea pot containing freshly brewed tea; a milk jug with milk; a sugar pot with realistic white cane sugar; four cups containing tea with milk and four matching saucers; a plate of fruit scones; a plate of hot buttered crumpets; a plate of cinnamon swirl pastries and a plate of strawberry cream tarts.  This set is currently on sale in my Etsy shop

Full English Breakfast Set

Nothing beats a full English breakfast to set you up for the day ahead! This set consists of a coffee pot half filled with freshly brewed coffee; a milk jug with fresh milk; a little sugar pot with realistic looking white cane sugar; four little cups containing coffee with milk; four matching saucers; four plates each filled with two pork sausages, a rasher of bacon, one fried egg, fried mushrooms, baked beans and half a slice of buttered toast. This set is currently on sale in my Etsy shop

I'm back!

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while... I've still been making my miniatures, I just haven't been blogging! I'm still getting to grips with all this social media business, there's so much to get your head round these days and it takes so long to keep everything updated! I haven't worked on my dolls house for a while..last year I was busy doing craft fairs so I couldn't afford to buy anything for it - but, now I'm back in blogging land I'm going to share photographs of my food miniatures with you and any news I might have. As it happens I do have some pretty exciting news...I'm very pleased to say that I'm going to have my miniatures appear in a few dolls house magazines over the next few months along with a tutorial or two! I'll keep you updated! But for now, I'll share some pictures of the miniature food I've been making..