Tuesday, 22 September 2015

"Painting The Roses Red" cake

Here is the first of a series of items from my Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter's Tea Party table.  This is my "Painting The Roses Red" cake which was inspired by the scene where the playing cards paint the white roses red for fear of the Queen of Hearts chopping off their heads! I wanted a centrepiece for my tea party table which would draw the viewer's eye onto the table.  It needed to be a large cake and taller than any other items on the table so I designed a three tiered cake with green piped icing which had the appearance of a topiary rose bush.  I then added roses around the cake, half white and half red, and partially painted a few of the white roses with red acrylic.  I made the grinning Cheshire Cat on top of the cake to add some character and formed a black and white tiled floor style design around the base.  


In my photographs of the complete table I have also added a Queen of Hearts playing card to the front of the cake which I love because it adds a bit of extra whimsy to the piece! 

The 1:12 scale playing cards I have used in this miniature food table are from the Magic Pug shop on Etsy and these are the actual ones I used.

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