Thursday, 12 September 2013


I was chatting with Donna this morning and we got to talking about workspaces.  I've seen so many miniature crafters on the Internet with the neatest and most organised workspaces you've ever seen in your life.  Some of them are so achingly stylish and beautiful with polymer clay organised into separate blocks of colour, bottles of liquid fimo displayed in a myriad of colours, carefully packaged trinkets and materials all in neatly labelled drawers... they could easily grace the pages of glossy magazines. I must admit I develop serious workspace envy as I look to mine with it's overfilled drawers full of random bits of junk I've collected but never used (and most likely will never use),  leaking bottles of liquid fimo, battered tools, emaciated soft pastels and a box of Fimo with more scrap bits than actual colours which would look more at home on the set of 1980s children's TV programme 'Trapdoor'.  I have accepted that I am a messy worker ... whenever I paint I usually end up with more paint on me than the canvas and cooking/ baking is no different! I like to call my style of working 'organised chaos' - I'm happiest when I get everything out and make a good old mess! :-)

Me in my workspace, yesterday.


  1. I take over two rooms - I have my sewing machine and a bookcase with my threads, buttons, etc in the living room but my fabrics used to live in the loft (we're moving them to dining room). To cut my fabric, I use the dining room table. I also use the dining room table when hand stitching the sock monkeys - so I make a mess to two rooms! Most of the dust bunnies in this house contain thread of some sort!