Friday, 4 October 2013

Pantry shelves and wall

I bought some strips of wood to make the shelves inside my pantry.  The pack of wood came in 6 long strips which were 1.8cm wide x 0.4cm thick.  I cut 4 pieces which were 11.5cm in length using a Stanley knife.  I sanded the edges and gave them two coats of brown acrylic paint.  Once they had dried, I turned my dolls house over so the back of it was flat on the floor.  On the back wall I marked the positions for each of the four shelves, spacing them 4cm apart.  I then glued them into position with wood glue and left the house on it's back until they had dried.  In this photo I have put the pantry wall in place to see what they would look like.

I was advised by older members of my family that everyone used to decorate the front of the shelves in their pantries and cupboards with patterned wallpaper so I decided to make some of my own.  To make my shelf embellishments I picked some ribbon I had by East of India and cut it along the middle.  I then cut four pieces of paper the same length as my shelves and 0.5cm thick.  I glued the ribbon to the paper using tacky glue and left to dry.  I backed the ribbon with paper so they would hold their shape better and the brown of the shelves wouldn't bleed through the ribbon.

  I applied glue to each of the shelves and stuck on the ribbon embellishments.  

Finally I glued the wall in place.  There are gaps but I will fill these with wood filler and repaint.  I love this look! Now all I need are some things to go in my cupboard - tins of food, preserves, vegetables, cleaning products, plates and pans etc.  That will come later.  Next I will fit my last piece of dado rail, put up my wall shelves and put my sink together.

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