Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sink, shelves and cooker

Today I began painting some of the parts for my cooker.  The cooker I've chosen for my kitchen is a Phoenix 1940's gas stove which arrived last week in loads of tiny little pieces which was a bit of a shock because I thought it would come ready made (silly me for not checking the small print!) So, before I assemble it I'm painting the parts first.  I've been using Humbrol enamel paints in white gloss and matt duck egg blue to paint the door, sides and top of the cooker.  I've ordered some black paint to paint the inside and stove tops.  It's the first time I've ever used enamel paint before but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.  The duck egg colour covered well and seemed to dry a lot quicker than the white gloss.  Saying that, the gloss is a lot thicker, but the most frustrating part is it takes literally forever to dry and gets covered in little bits of dust as it's drying.  I'm going to leave it to dry overnight and see if sanding it a little may help.  While I was waiting for the cooker parts to dry I decided to have a little go at making my own enamelware pans.  I used two metal baking trays and a set of three silver metal lidded pans.  I painted them with a couple of layers of the white gloss paint and I plan to order another pot of enamel paint in either royal blue or emerald green to give them that old fashioned enamel cookware look.  I was thinking of chipping little bits of paint off them and making them rusted in places so they'll look well used.  I'll see how they turn out after I paint the trim on them.

Next I glued the brick pillars to my Belfast sink.  I bought the pillars a few weeks ago but wasn't really happy with the finish.  They're made from some sort of resin with a dark red brick effect printed on them and to be honest they looked a lot better in the photograph on the website but it wasn't a big deal as I already had some red brick slips and mortar to cover them up with.      

Whilst the front facing bits don't look perfect, I'm a lot happier with how they look now.  I also have a wood effect draining board to go with the sink unit so I just have to decide now where it's going to go.  I think I'll make my mind up once I've got all my furniture in the kitchen.  

I filled the gap around the pantry wall by using a long piece of dado rail to cover the section coming down the stairs, and for the vertical gap at the bottom of the stairs I packed it with a thin piece of wood and covered with decorator's caulk.  Once the caulk had dried I painted it white so it looked like it was part of the staircase.  

Finally I glued the long shelf to the wall on the right hand side of the kitchen.  I will fit the brackets underneath it tomorrow and I will have a think what kind of things I can display up there.  Perhaps some pots and pans, plates, cooking utensils or books.  I want to put as much stuff up there as I can - I want my kitchen to look 'lived in' so the more clutter the better!  This is how the room looks so far today...

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